Close Quarters Combat Weapons

Close Quarters Combat Weapons

Close Quarters Combat Weapons is a vast subject and to cover it would take volumes of text, so my goal is to give you some tangible advice you can use immediately. The weapons we will talk about will be blunted weapons and edged weapons. Close Quarters combat weapons even extend to fire arms such as handguns and riles that fire handgun rounds/ammunition. So without further ado lets just into the pictures and videos below enjoy.


Close Quarters Combat Weapons kubotan

Close Quarters Combat Weapons kubotan on key chain

Kubotan is actually the most famous amongst the self defense weapons. The major reason is that it is the most efficient pressure point self defense weapon which is determined as legal and non-lethal. Another reason is that this weapon is simple and easy to carry along. Mostly the kubotans have an attached key ring. There are several styles of this weapon but click here to read more..

Close Quarters Combat Weapons That are Considered Unconventional



Close Quarters Combat Weapons Unconventional

Close Quarters Combat Weapons Unconventional Weapons

I would say the stun gun stops the nervous system from working, so now the human brain cannot dispatch impulses towards the remainder of the whole body. That is why someone will become completely helpless when he is zapped with a stun tool. The energy pulse provokes an individual’s muscle mass to go practically haywire, spasing at a extremely high movement level. That muscle exercise results in the muscle masses that will put out lactic acid. This lactic acid should make it really tough for the muscles to work.

The whole effect coming from the stun device is usually a person who can’t possibly move their muscle masses, who loses his or her equilibrium as well as their direction, and remains incapacitated and harmless for many minutes after that. Needless to say, like anything else, the stun gun self defense weapon has a varying final result depending on the people its applied on. Lots of people are likely to go down similar to a sack of taters after only a second of coming in contact with the stun tool, whereas some other person will definitely need a lengthy jolt from this gadget before they actually are incapacitated.

Usually the more time you press this kind of stun weapon against your attacker translates into the results he seems to have would last longer and also be more severe. The voltage coming from the stun gun self defense weapon won’t pass click here to read more…

[QUESTION TITLE] What is a good female self defense weapon? – Asked on 2012-12-04

[Question] – my girlfriend recently had an issue with some guy following her home. luckily he didn’t have the chance to get close enough to grab her, but if that ever happens again and I’m not there to put a bullet in his head, i want her to be able to defend herself. my question is, what kind of self defense weapons do you think i should get her. shes 5 foot 2 and weighs like 105 pounds so shes small, i need something that will reach out and be accurate in a panicking situation. I’m not getting her a gun, i was thinking a tazer or pepper spray, but I don’t think pepper spray goes more than like 3 feet and i know can be blown away in the wind, and I’m not sure if the tazers that actually shoot out the lines are legal for civilians.

[Answer 1] – Okay first off everyone here has good answers. Also Verbal I have heard a taser and been hit with a taser, which really didn’t phase me. However on the note of self-defense weapons. Interesting topic. I get this question a lot from some women. A gun is an option? Most definitely, however not very practical in a situation where they have a hold of her. There are a variety of .22LR caliber double shot derringers on the market that are legal. Cobra Firearms makes a great model of a .22Mag Double Shot Derringer style handgun that fits neatly in a purse. Also a P38 can opener works really well (check local Military surplus stores). A knife? Definitely another good choice. A small knife like a SOG Maximus will work. It is a lock-back knife and I carry one. OR you can get her a BUCK Vanguard. Also Pepper Spray? Come on. Pepper Spray contains capsacian (found in most chili peppers. Plus all they have to do is turn their head or lift up their arm in front of their eyes and it is ineffective. Also I’d like to know that the human body is a deadlier weapon than an weapon you can carry. Self Defense classes might be a good idea. Also study the human body. There are 122 places to incapacitate a person just using the human body. Pankration was used by the Ancient Spartans of Sparta to kill an enemy using only the human body, and also you might want to check you local laws to see IF carrying a weapon is legal. In some states and municipalities don’t allow the carrying of even a taser as it is a concealed weapon. IT is not a lethal weapon IF used properly but is has the potential to be lethal if misused.

[Answer 2] – Before deciding, ask a legal expert or a member of your local law enforcement community what your options are, just to stay on the safe side.
Apart from the legalities, one important thing is, that any weapon that your friend may carry, can and will be used against herself if she does not know how to properly use it. If you buy her a pepper spray kind of thing, don’t just buy one can, buy three or four, so you can use one or two for training purposes. A taser can be useful but for any self defense aid to be of any use, the condition is that she has to carry it all the time. The same goes for knives, guns, blunt weapons, etcetera.
Before you decide what to give her, make sure she can use it effectively and safely, that she knows when she can legally carry and use it (you can not zap someone with 250,000 Volts because he’s reading a newspaper while waiting for the bus). Something to consider: those modern LED flashlights, shine some light in the eyes of an attacker and she’ll have those five seconds it takes to get out of Dodge, nobody really gets hurt, and no legal restrictions.
Finally, make sure she always carries her cell phone.

[Answer 3] – pepper spray would definitely be the best idea. also see if she might be interested in self-defense lessons, it wouldn’t hurt to learn some moves. also you mean capsicum spray right? that stuff is really good and they use it in the police force. not sure if its the same as pepper spray. oh and she’s always got her phone on her right? that’s important too.

[Answer 4] – Go with pepper spray. Or a small handgun, even though you might not want her to… read more here

The Most Effective Close Combat Weapon You Can Legally Carry

So what is the close combat weapon and why haven’t you heard about it before… well its because its your BRAIN!  Yes just by reading this post you are now more aware of your surroundings and can better prepare yourself should a situation arise.  Typically we do not listen to that little voice inside of us that tells us to leave or not trust a certain person.  We tend to try and find a logical reason as to why we feel this way or that way.  Women have this skill in abundance and it is the woman’s intuition.  Women you should learn to take heed of that little voice inside of you or that awkward feeling.  That feeling or 1st sense not your 6th sense is trying to protect you and is normally 100% right…  The reason the brain when used correctly is the number one  close combat weapon is because it can get you out of a situation even before the situation occurs if you listen.  No other weapon can do that for you, except the human brain.